Convocation | on expanded language-based practices


Hosted by Emma Cocker, Cordula Daus, Lena Séraphin in co-operation with Alex Arteaga. A collaboration between research cells Through Phenomena Themselves, Disruptive Processes and AIRA.


16 – 18 June 2019
10 am – 8 pm
Sala del Camino and Centro teatrale di ricerca, Giudecca, Venice


Convocation – a call to come together, a gathering of expanded language-based practices. Weaving between artistic research and phenomenological approaches, this 3-day event will include open workshops, live research, collective writing/reading exercises, and performative lectures. Participants can attend for the whole 3-day event or just for specific sessions.

Convocation will unfold through a series of thematic sessions as follows:


Sunday 16 June

Day 1 begins with Bodied Languages: Moving | Feeling | Sensing, a series of corporeal, experiential encounters with language through participatory workshops and collective actions. This is followed by Affinities + Activations: Reading | Listening | Translating, the activation of reading as a generative space of invention and intervention, performed scores for doing and becoming. During the evening, there will be book launches for the publication-projects No Telos and Re-play, where Venice is approached as a ground for artistic research and aesthetic investigation, for poetic inscription and experimentation.


Monday 17 June

Day 2 provides insights at the borders of artistic research and creative-critical modes of writing around the theme of Inquisitive Words >< Threshold Writing: Bordering | Betweening | Hyphening. The dialogue around expanded language practices continues with Liminal Language: Staging | Fictioning | Ritualising, a series of presentations between performing and visual arts, activation of language through invocation, utterance and incomprehensible voicings.


Tuesday 18 June

The final day begins with an exploration around Writing Phenomenologically >< Phenomenology of Writing. This is then extended in the afternoon with artistic research presentations for investigating language-space and text-image relations around the theme, At the Limits of Language | Blurry Words + Lucid Images: Relaying | Repeating | Remembering.


Including the Ajauksia group, akcg (anna kindgren and carina gunnars), Emmanuel Alloa, Rachel Armstrong, Alex Arteaga, Marcel Bénabou, Mariske Broeckmeyer, Andrew Brown, Emma Cocker, Alexander Damianisch, Cordula Daus, Michael Dudeck, Patricia Ellis, Rob Flint, Katja Hilevaara, Juha Himanka, Katja Hock, Rolf Hughes, Liisa Ikonen, Esa Kirkkopelto, Anni Laakso, Harri Laakso, Cedar Lewisohn, Maiju Loukola, Tracy Mackenna, Danica Maier, Ralo Mayer, Emily Orley, Jaana Parviainen, Elle Reynolds, Filippo Romanello, Charlotta Ruth, Lena Séraphin, Katarina Šoškić, Nathan Walker … and more.


Check out the Research Catalogue website for full program and register for the event before Sunday June 16 in order for us to care for the space and refreshments.



Framing for the event

Convocation – from com ‘with, together’ and vocare ‘to call’. We call for a gathering of language-based practices: from the wordless corporeality of body language to the virtuality of digital text, from the voicing of spoken utterance to the textility of words on a page. Textorium – a notion that etymologically pertains to weaving and braiding, the weaver and the woven. For phenomenologist Max van Manen the term refers to the writerly space of reflection, the experiential world of the text as it opens up for the receptive writer and reader. But how can the ‘taken-for-grantedness’ of language be put into question? How can language-based practices enable us to encounter ‘things’ anew? From textorium to sensorium, a reciprocal space for coming together through a material encounter with language experienced in its diversity.

How do we experience language’s activity, affectivity, ambiguity, capacity, corporeality, density, elasticity, ephemerality, fluidity, fragility, illegibility, instability, intensity, inter-subjectivity, hybridity, materiality, multiplicity, musicality, occasionality, opacity, performativity, physicality, plasticity, porosity, potentiality, relationality, simultaneity, sensibility, sensitivity, sonority, spatiality, syn­chronicity, tonality, temporality, visuality, vitality?

Convocation invites exploration of the how-ness of language within practices of: Addressing | Calling | Conversing | Describing | Dialoguing | Disrupting | Drawing | Echoing | Effacing | Evoking | Fictioning | Invoking | Listening | Misunderstanding | Moving | Muting | Naming | Questioning | Reading | Redacting | Spacing | Speaking | Summoning | Transcribing | Translating | Voicing | Wording | Writing | ____ ing