AIRA Re-Born

Artistic Intelligence Research Alternator AIRA investigates a new fictiveness modulating our social facticity ever more tangibly when thematised through procecces that produce new narratives, images and constellations. AIRA is a constellation of five research initiatives by five artist-researchers, launched at the Research Pavilion opening in May.
The five initiatives within AIRA are explorations in terms of caring building (inviteur: Liisa Ikonen), polychronic perspectives regarding cultural violence (inviteur: Marko Karo), adaptations inspired by Daphne du Maurier's novella and Nicolas Roeg's film Don't Look Now (inviteur: Harri Laakso), foaming exercises (inviteur: Maiju Loukola), and hysterical documentary and documentary fantasies (inviteur: Susanna Helke)


AIRA RE-BORN on 20 June at 3–6PM

On 20 June, in collaboration with Aku Meriläinen, AIRA is introduced as Re-Born. AIRA has been developed towards a more independent, algorythmic research alternator, who works with codependancy with the pavilion visitors. From the end of June on, AIRA tapes together algorithms, thoughts, concepts, researchers, fiction, visitors and David Bowie.
Where are we now?


Researchers, guests and visitors of the pavilion are invited to join and collaborate in the AIRA Re-Born exercise during 3–6PM. The event also includes a midsommer’s fest surprise element.


AIRA on the Research Catalogue