Disruptive Processes + Artistic Intelligence Research Alternator AIRA

This joint research cell aims at initiating processes that make societal, communal and artistic collaboration possible. The cell consists of two associated halves that collaborate with the aim to locate and disseminate shareable outcomes. Following an episodic structure, we visit each other, invite artists and activists in order to follow diverse themes, methods and concepts. We investigate spatial, temporal and performative operations and ask how they activate epistemic, aesthetic and collective processes. We are keen to alter intentions and disrupt perpetual practices. 

Artistic Intelligence Research Alternator AIRA investigates a new fictiveness modulating our social facticity ever more tangibly when thematised through processes that produce new narratives, images and constellations. Sites of inquiry are staged as temporal meeting places and events where parallel realities are negotiated in terms of a “caring building” (inviteur: Liisa Ikonen), hysterical documentary and documentary fantasies (inviteur: Susanna Helke), polychronic perspectives regarding cultures of violence (inviteur: Marko Karo), adaptations inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s novella and Nicolas Roeg’s film Don’t Look Now (inviteur: Harri Laakso), and series of daily “truth exercises” in form of spatial interventions provoked by Sebastian Brandt’s The Ship of Fools (1876) and Peter Sloterdijk’s Spheres trilogy III: Foams (inviteur: Maiju Loukola). These processes are open for collaboration between fellow artist-researchers and invited guests. They are launched by the inviteurs and are open for ongoing alternation while resting in their processual form in the pavilion. The open form of AIRA is part of the group’s shared interest in exploring the means of documentation, argumentation, evidence and after-thought in artistic research. 

Disruptive Processes are constituted as non-hierarchical open workshops in which knowledge is reciprocated and embodied. Our epicenter is the Temporary Agora (facilitated by Anni Laakso), a workshop, a sculptural space, an ongoing site for debate, and a potential location to set free collective un/learning processes. The other workshops are: Feminist Gathering with an ambition to form emancipatory feminist strategies (facilitated by Jaana Kokko), Sensory Experiences of Urban Space, a range of excursions in urban environments with an ambition to re-liberate authorship (facilitated by Minna Heikinaho, Pia Lindy, Paula Tella and Mari Martin), the workshop Where Did Art Go? has an ambition to renounce art as a concept and to embrace art as activism (facilitated by akcg, anna kindgren & carina gunnars), the writing workshop Bodily Writings – Intertwining Perception and Writing has an ambition to act against the commodification of bodily resources and our corporeal selves (facilitated by Lena Séraphin) and the Ringstad Cycluses, a perfomative lecture and a reading, writing and publishing workshop on agriculture, fantasy and realism in artistic countryside work (facilitated by Geir Tore Holm and Søssa Jørgensen). 

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We hope to raise further questions of partitioned realities and to detect how they are in or out of sync. We inquire how a scope of scenarios can act simultaneously in a place where multiple layers can radiate and interact at the same instant.

Research cell contact persons: For further information and participation in workshops please contact Maiju Loukola, Mari Martin and Lena Séraphin at dpairavenezia[at]gmail.com

AIRA: Harri Laakso, Maiju Loukola, Liisa Ikonen, Susanna Helke, Marko Karo 

Disruptive Processes: Minna Heikinaho, Lena Séraphin, Mari Martin, Jaana Kokko, Paula Tella, Pia Lindy, akcg, Anni Laakso

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